PDF files of diploma theses and master theses, print and bind, submit and market.

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Got through all the crises and finally finished the thesis? To help prevent another crisis, you have hopefully made for a neat structure in your Word document; that is really important, so that your diploma thesis can then also be printed smoothly. Immediately before the print, there should be a last correction pass, check mainly sentence errors, the headers, the headings, see if the page numbers are correct, as well as the references in the directories.

Create PDF files

You may have printed them now and then while writing your thesis. You may also have wondered that the layout on the paper was slightly different than on the screen. Or you opened your Word document on the computer of a fellow student who installed another version of Word, and wondered why some things look different than yours.

To be on the safe side and make the document invariable, there is the portable document format (PDF) developed by Adobe. PDF files are usually fixed and show the same layout across platforms. To view a PDF file, you need the Acrobat Reader, which Adobe makes available for free.

Ideally, the PDF files are also created with software from Adobe, such as Adobe Acrobat Professional, which although it is in a student version, but for the simple purposes of a thesis or master thesis is usually still too expensive. Therefore, this possibility of PDF creation should not be discussed here. Instead, you’ll be presented with two ways to conveniently create PDF files.

Create PDFs with Word 2007

With Word 2007, you can already create passable PDF files in most cases; however, you must first download a PDF plugin from Microsoft. After installation just go to “Save as” and “PDF or EXP”. In the following dialog, choose File name and Location. If you click Options, you can also specify an area to output as PDF.

Unfortunately, you can not adjust the quality of the images, although the images are usually included in the PDF file, but you should check carefully whether the quality is acceptable for you.

Create PDF files with the PDFCreator

PDFCreator is free open source software that gives you more ways to create PDF than the Word 2007 plugin. After installation you will find an additional printer under your prints. To create a PDF file from your thesis, go to Print and select PDFCreator as the printer.

In the following dialog you can enter document information, your name, the title etc. Click Settings to influence the quality of the PDF file. For example, with “Formats” and “PDF” you could optimize the quality of the images, eg For example, by setting the default settings to “pre-press”.

Click on “Save”, then on “Save” again and select file name and file location. Your PDF file will now be created.

Check these exactly! You would not be the first graduate student who would have noticed a missing header, a blank page, or something similar in his finished work; The copy shops and binders are happy, of course, but this is only associated with unnecessary costs.

Tip: Install the PDFCreator as you write your work and set it as the default printer; then Word displays almost the same layout as it will contain the PDF file.

Print and bind PDF

With your finished PDF file, you can now go to the local copy shop or bookbinder you trust. You only need to choose a binding, possibly an embossing, to take care of the rest of the copy shop or the bookbinder. By the way, you are advised to prefer a professional trained bookbinder to a 0815 copy shop, even if you have to pay a bit more for it. It may become your only self-proclaimed “work” that you will hold in your hands.

If you want to hold a nice job in your hands, you have to grab a little bit in the bag. Not always, the cheapest cover is also the most beautiful, a hardcover cover made of imitation leather or linen, of course, looks nobler than paperback. The same applies to the paper type.

Incidentally, in times of the Internet, it is also possible to have the whole thing done via an online shop; Since you can certainly be tied at the last minute, some also offer the opportunity to send the thesis or bachelor thesis bound within 24 hours. Just google for “diploma thesis print”.


What else is there to say? They did it! You may just have to defend, but that should not be a problem considering that you are an expert in your scientific work.

  • I wish you success.
  • Marketing diploma theses
  • Sell ​​and market your diploma thesis

Your scientific work has certainly cost you a lot in the course of time: nerves above all, but also a lot of money, for literature, maybe for a proofreading or formatting, for binding. Get this money back! Over the Internet, you can write your thesis or dissertation on various portals, eg. B. our wersite (Grin-Verlag) or diploma thesis.

These portals or publishers then make their scientific work available for download and market it, sometimes via Amazon. You will then receive a fee for every job sold. Especially with well graded diploma theses or dissertations, this can be very rewarding, because other theses are not only a good source of information for students because of the content, many like to look “like the others did”.